TST Sweden and LunaMicro take next step in collaboration

Photograph of a person wearing PPE and using a pressure-washer to clean a floor next to a photograph of a LunaMicro pump with water droplets on it.

Next-generation smart textiles put to the test in collaboration between LunaMicro and TST Sweden

The 26th of September, 2023

LunaMicro AB, a deep tech start-up specializing in smart textiles, and TST Sweden, a world-leading developer of protective clothing and equipment, announce the next step in their mutual development project of PPE garments employing LunaMicro’s active moisture management technology.

“We are proud of this next step in the development project, which includes evaluation of LunaMicro’s textile pump in the challenging water jetting environments where TST Sweden’s PPE is used,” says Nate Robinson, CEO and founder of LunaMicro.

LunaMicro’s patented technology is a soft flexible fabric pump that moves water from one side of a fabric to the other. Pumping sweat through an otherwise waterproof garment makes difficult working conditions safer, and increases the comfort of the wearer.

“TST is an industry leader in their market, and both our companies are focusing on safety and health. The combination of TST Sweden’s protective clothing and LunaMicro’s technology is exciting,” says Nate Robinson.

“LunaMicro’s moisture management technology is a very interesting innovation. We are curious to see how this technology could be used in our products in the future,” says Catrin Tammjärv, Research and Development at TST Sweden AB. 

For more information:

Nate Robinson, CEO & founder

[email protected]

+46 733 46 44 82​​


About LunaMicro (www.lunamicro.se)

LunaMicro AB is developing active moisture management technology for the next generation of smart textiles in clothing for sports, work and protection (PPE). Our product is a textile that pumps water from the inside to the outside of a garment with power from a small battery, allowing the user to stay safe and dry. It also reduces the need for environmentally hazardous “forever plastics” like halogenated polymers or PFAS. Our technology is an innovation based on patented research from Linköping University.

About TST Sweden (www.tst-sweden.com)

TST is a leading company within protective clothing and equipment. TST´s motto is “Saving Lives”. They do it by improving people’s safety and performance in extremely demanding work environments, like oil platforms, alongside roads, in ports and heavy industries. 

Next-generation smart textiles put to the test in collaboration between LunaMicro and TST Sweden

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