LunaMicro’s patented active moisture management fabric​

is a textile that pumps water from the inside to the outside of the fabric powered by a small battery, keeping the user warm, comfortable and safe. Our technology is an innovation based on patented research from Linköping University.

Unlike passive solutions, our textile pump technology moves liquid water, not just water vapor.

LunaMicro’s textile pump technology sandwiches a nanoporous membrane (light blue) between electrodes (light purple) coated onto customer-selected materials (dark purple), creating a thin, flexible multi-layer textile.

When we connect a small battery between these electrodes, the fabric drives water from one side to the other through a process called electroosmosis.

Illustration of the of LunaMicro's pump. 2 fabric layers are each coated with a polymer electrode. These are then laminated on either side of a microporous membrane. When a small battery is connected to the electrodes, water is driven from the inside to the outside of the fabric.

Device performance figures

Industry leading results

We work with companies in fashion, workwear, personal protective equipment (PPE), medicine, the military, and more. Using industry-standard techniques and commercially-available materials, we print our conducting polymer electrodes onto the customer’s choice of inner and outer materials giving our customers the best water transportation in the market.

Water transport at 0% external humidity – 20 000 g/m2/day

GORE-TEX (ePTFE) membrane – 6 500 g/m2/day

Water transport at 100% external humidity – 12 000 g/m2/day

Example application​

A textile pump about the size of an A4 sheet of paper is, in most circumstances, sufficient to transport the sweat that an active person produces.

In the jacket shown to the right, the pump is hidden in the back panel. We cut a horizontal slit in the jacket to let the pumped moisture out, and built a small “roof” over it to keep the rain from coming in.

Sketch/schematic of LunaMicro's moisture managing pump technology installed in the back panel of a rain jacket.
Photograph of a jacket upgraded with LunaMicro's pump technology for moisture management. The pump isn't visible in the back panel of the jacket. Only the flap that covers the slot in the jacket where water comes out can be seen.

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