LunaMicro wins Techtextil 2024 Innovation Award


Next-generation smart textiles

LunaMicro’s fabric is a soft flexible pump without moving parts that can match your sweat rate. These next-generation functional fabrics open a revolution in new garments and equipment to keep you dry, safe, and healthy in tough environments. From personal protective equipment (PPE) and workwear to clothing for outdoor recreation, our technology removes moisture without “forever chemicals” and work even when it’s wet outside!

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LunaMicro offers the next generation of smart textiles for moisture management, initially for sportswear, protective clothing and workwear.


LunaMicro’s patented textile pump technology improves the performance and sustainability of waterproof and water resistant textiles. Our pumps pump even when it’s wet outside!


We make performance clothing and gear recyclable and eliminate the need for “forever chemicals” like PFAS found in many membranes.


We offer courses that help you understand your customers and make your products better, such as how your customers “feel” moisture, how our technology works, and how to design your product to best utilize our technology.

We deliver active moisture management

LunaMicro provides active moisture management technology for the next generation of smart textiles in clothing for sports, work and protection (PPE). Our product is a textile that pumps water from the inside to the outside of the textile with power from a small battery, allowing the user to stay warm, comfortable and safe. Applications include:

Photograph of a jacket upgraded with LunaMicro's pump technology for moisture management. The pump isn't visible in the back panel of the jacket. Only the flap that covers the slot in the jacket where water comes out can be seen.
Sketch/schematic of LunaMicro's moisture managing pump technology installed in the back panel of a rain jacket.
A photograph of a female firefighter wearing the type of protective clothing that can benefit from LunaMicro's active moisture management technology.
Photograph showing clothing and equipment for medical emergency response teams.


We believe considering sustainability and transparency in all business decisions to be the keys to a successful business. As a result of our technological drive, LunaMicro has been selected as a member of the Swedish Startup Climate Map.

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